Business Development

Internationalization motivation is strongly connected to companies’ goals to expand and grow their businesses by either new market development, new product development, increase market penetration in current markets or diversify its operations by entering new country markets with new products.

By seeking to employ the right development strategy, companies analyze their firm specific advantages trying to match them with country specific advantages.

The aim and mission of WBW network is to provide a platform for the users to exchange mutually beneficial information about the Country specific advantages which will aid greatly their ability to analyze and assess which quadrant position their companies reside on and how they can move on to achieve a strong fit between firm and country specific advantages.

Another critical decision related to business expansion across borders is to assess and choose the right road map of foreign market entry.



Companies may decide to embark on direct export, or to choose a non-direct channels for internationalization, like strategic alliances for marketing and distribution, product in- and out-licensing, form joint ventures for production, R&D and marketing, or franchise their businesses to local partners. Each of the above mode of entry carries different degree of risk and uncertainty dependant on the specific country market conditions.

Making the right decision is most of the time connected to a prior rigorous analysis of the resource and demand conditions in the relevant country, industry structure and competition, and supporting local industries which enhance the network complementarity effects.

Critical is also the analysis of political, economical, societal, technological, legal and ethical factors which provide the opportunities and threats of the local market environment, and which should be matched to company strengths and weaknesses position.